Wedding Shoes: How to Choose the Perfect Pair for Your Special Day

Planning for your wedding is an exciting and stressful time full of many decisions to be made. Though you may have a wedding planner helping with certain details like your venue and guest list, there are a few key decisions that should be left to the bride alone to decide. Choosing which shoes to wear on your wedding day is one of these details.


You want your wedding to be just like you’ve been imagining, and every piece down to the footwear plays a role. That’s why there are a few important factors to keep in mind as you’re choosing the pair of shoes you’ll walk down the aisle in.

Dress First, Shoes Later

Matching a dress to a pair of shoes is a lot more difficult (and potentially expensive) than matching a pair of shoes to a dress.


If you’re already deep into the wedding planning process, you likely already have at least an idea in mind of what you want your dress to look like, as many brides design their wedding décor and outfit in tandem with each other. Don’t even think about your shoes until your dress has been picked out first.

Try Your Shoes Out Before Committing

We all know how distracting and upsetting an uncomfortable shoe can be, and your wedding day is not a great day to be preoccupied with discomfort. Avoid ordering your wedding shoes online unless the seller offers a great return policy.


Do as much walking around in your potential wedding shoes as you can before committing to them to make sure they’re comfortable. Try them on with your dress too, if you can!

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit Your Venue

Just because you love the way a shoe looks and feels doesn’t mean it’s the right shoe to wear at your wedding. For example, if your ceremony is going to take place on the beach or on a grassy lawn, stiletto heels may not be the best choice.


What type of shoes would you wear if you were simply attending an event at the venue you’ve chosen? Keep your answer in mind as you choose the style of shoe you’ll be wearing as the bride.

Don’t Forget About Comfort

Even though you want to be dressed to the nines on your wedding day, it’s important to make sure comfort is still your top priority.


This is your special day, and feeling comfortable and confident as you move from the ceremony to pictures to the reception is much more important than any aesthetic concern. This is especially crucial if you’ve recently undergone any procedures on your feet at that could be irritated by uncomfortable shoes.


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