Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

So you just got back from your distant cousin’s wedding, and it was such a beautiful and amazing experience which gave you lots of inspiration and ideas for your own upcoming nuptials. Since the wedding is less than 6 months away, why not start planning now? But wait – should you hire a wedding planner?

A lot of people think that getting someone to plan your wedding would only add to the expenses that are already a given in any marriage ceremony. If you’re on a limited budget, hiring a wedding planner may be something that you haven’t even considered. The usual line of thinking would go something like, “I can use the money I pay for a wedding planner on something else.”

But are wedding planners really a bad idea?

Here are some reasons why hiring the services of a wedding planner may be the best decision after all:

1. They know the ins and outs of wedding planning.

Considering that this is what they do for a living, wedding planners know what they’re doing. This most definitely comes in handy when you’re planning to have a destination wedding and are not at all familiar with the area you’ve chosen as your venue. They’ll be able to get things set up for you much quicker, cutting down the time you would have spent looking for the stuff that you need.

 2. They are organized.

A good wedding planner knows that the key to a successful event is in the organization. Not only does this make things easier, it also means that they have everything covered. With all the stuff you have to think of, it’s easy to forget some important tasks that need to be accomplished. Don’t worry – they take care of the details that you may have overlooked.

3. They have networking going for them.

This especially holds true to those who have been in the business for a while. This is the part that actually gives you more for your money since they are able to get discounts that you would otherwise not be able to get a hold of had you decided to plan the ceremony yourself. They have the connections you need, such as wedding bands for wedding music, piano hire or venue packages. In the long run, you may actually be saving more by hiring their services rather than doing everything on your own.

4. They provide options.

A wedding planner works around the budget you have set, and compromises with you on things that are just not possible. They can provide options that you would not have even thought about with all the things you had to look into. This is especially helpful if you have a busy lifestyle, or just doesn’t have enough energy to exert into making all these decisions leading up to the big day.

5. They leave you free to enjoy your big day as it should be enjoyed.

The best thing about having a wedding planner is that you can be free of the stress that comes with all the preparations. Knowing that there is someone you can trust to ensure that things flow perfectly will make the transition from miss to missus run more smoothly. This leaves you free to thoroughly enjoy your wedding day and be the radiant and happy bride, rather than a burned out version that gets distracted by thoughts of how the something might go wrong at any time.

A wedding planner may be an expensive number on the checklist, or it may be the lifesaver that you have been waiting for. Overall, the idea is to get that wedding that you have always dreamed of, and it’s good to know that there are people who can help you in achieving that, be it a professional wedding planner or your own mother.

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