Top 5 Ideas for Theme Wedding


Wedding must be planned adequately for it to come out unique and special. This necessitates one to do the wedding uniquely and differently. Below are the top five wedding themes of all times.

1. Oscar’s night theme
Oscar night theme is one of the loveliest and preferred wedding themes. It gets your guests dressed up for the great accession. It features a black tie’s evening elegance and your guests become involved to present the ‘Oscars” and this makes feel part of your success. Oscar’s theme is usually a nice opportunity to have fun and it involves different categories of mother and father in laws. Oscar’s night is completed with the unique marriage flavors of silver photo frames and the mini champagne bottles.

2. Casino or Vegas night theme
The casino wedding theme surpasses all as it’s very vibrant and energy full. It is completed by the back drop lighting. In preparations it’s recommended to rent the casino’s royal films for you to get a complete idea of the setting. Vega’s night has wonderful wedding flavors that comprise of playing chips, personalized playing cards, bottle stoppers and luggage tags. It has endless onside ideas that you can choose to help you come up with the desired wedding theme.

3. Beach wedding theme
A beach wedding gives you a rare and stunning experience. It has the most natural yet so beautiful theme especially if it’s conducted on sunny evenings with chairs and table out. One has also unique choices of tea lights and lanterns that are reflected well by your dressing tables themes. The theme itself suggests a beach party with barbeques and roast pigs, cocktails and bongos on a spit. The famous limbo fires crowns it all. You can use beach music and lighting to create the beach wedding theme indoors. Its unique favors comprise of mini bongos, fruit shaped soaps, candles and bamboo coasters.

4. Sports wedding theme
One can in co-operate sports to be the main wedding theme irrespective of which sports either the groom or the bride find them passionate. The wedding favors must uniquely represent sports e.g. if you decide to use the golfing sport as your theme, you will have to decorate the wedding either items from golf sporting fields. The wedding favors can include personalized golf trees, balls, caps and flags.

5. Asian wedding theme
Asian’s are known of having some of the most unique yet colorful and exotic wedding themes. They actually in co-operate lavish textures and colors for table dressings as well as backdrops spoiling you for choices. The Asian wedding theme comes with fragrant and exotic flowers that actually create arches in your wedding considering the stunning magical music and colorful dresses. As part of the theme, it has unique wedding favors that include exotic charms, candles, soaps, tea light holders and tiny photo holders.

At the end of it all you can crown the day by going to watch Mamma Mia Musicals. Hoping with this information, your wedding theme selection will be quite easy to choose and you can be visiting the theatre as you make initial wedding arrangements as this breath taking moment of your life approaches.


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