Top 10 Wedding Locations in California

Let us be the first to say that California is the capital of love in the Southwest. With soothing Pacific winds, romantic sunsets, and gorgeous landscapes, it’s hard not to fall in love along the Golden Coast. That’s what makes California the perfect place to hold your wedding ceremony. If California traffic school will teach you one thing, it’s that no distance is too far to drive for a lovely wedding.

University Club

The University Club is listed as one of “San Diego’s most exclusive urban retreats.” There’s good reason for it too. Getting married in a penthouse, overlooking the city below, as the sun sets on a concrete jungle of buildings will make any heart throb. Especially when the city light ups for you at dusk. At least it will feel like it’s all for you, because you’re so in love.

La Jolla Shores Hotel

A state known for its beaches is also known for its beach weddings. La Jolla Shores Hotel offers a romantic ceremony on the beach while the sun sets on the unification of love. Afterwards, people can crash in the hotel wondering, “Can you get a traffic ticket riding your bicycle,” and catch some gnarly waves in the morning.

Malibu Rocky Oaks

Wine is the most romantic drink. Therefore, having a wedding in a winery at the peak of Malibu’s mountains is a sure-fire way to bind the flames of love. This Tuscan style winery has open space for wine tastings, poolside laying, and wedding ceremonies. You can literally shout your love from the mountain tops.

Parker Palm Springs

Getting married in the desert is more amorous than it sounds. Parker Palm Springs will offer you the ceremony you’ve dreamed of in a luscious meadow contained in their resort and spa. Time it right, and you can make the next Coachella.

Saratoga Springs

Northern California is home to magnificent Redwood trees, as well as Saratoga Spring. Lodged away in the trees is this exquisite nature retreat. You want to make sure you have a great ceremony, because saying “I do” is the greatest oak.

Willow Heights Mansion

Willow Heights Mansion is a valley estate that comes complete with ballrooms, outdoor seating, and a vineyard. This a great way to make your friends and family think you’re a wealthy aristocrat during your wedding. Also, drinks here are provided for your part-ay in the vall-ay.

Brazilian Room

The Brazilian Room is an Old-English estate that is merged with the serene beauty of the surrounding forests. While getting married here, you’ll notice the natural aromas of oak, pine, and love in the air.

The Mountain Terrace

The Mountain Terrace is tucked away in a forest of redwood and pine trees. Surrounding the area is a small village enclosed by mountains. The best part, outside of falling in love, is not making your guest hike, since there’s convenient parking nearby.

Mammoth & June Mountain Resorts

This resort retreat is at the joining of Mammoth Mountain and June Mountain. But, that’s not the only joining that’s happening at this resort. Mammoth & June Mountain Resort is inside the forest, so your guests can camp underneath the stars at night while reminding themselves true love does exist.

Redondo Beach Historic Library

Bookworms can fall in love too. When they do, they get married at Redondo Beach Historic Library. If you want to combine your passion for historic literature and beaches, then this is the spot for you. You won’t have to study old romanticism, because you’ll get to experience it.

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