Four Tips To Planning Your Los Angeles Wedding

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting experience, especially if you are having it in a dazzling locale like Los Angeles. You can plan for it to be as extensive and expensive as you want, or you can go a little frugal, and give yourself more cash for your honeymoon. We do recommend that if you are not going to be having a church ceremony, then please have it in one of the many picturesque wedding chapel in Los Angeles. It will be an experience that you will not soon forget.


Wedding Locations

One of the most important decorations that guests will remember long after the ceremony has past is the flowers used to decorate the chapel, and the dais. It does not have to be super expensive to pull this off, as many of the chapels in the city offer decorating packages as part of their services. Alternatively, you can contract with a local florist, and purchase enough blooms to beautifully decorate the wedding stage. We often recommend using garlands and baskets of large flowers, to save on costs.


One way to cherish and preserve the memories of your wedding is to contract for extensive pictures to be taken throughout. You can hire a professional photographer to take studio quality pictures of the ceremony, as well as candid and portrait shots afterwards. Another benefit of having your event at a wedding chapel in Los Angeles is that they often offer to have their own staff photographers take all the memorable pictures you need, for a small fee, of course. As a bonus, some of the chapels have beautifully done exteriors and interiors to serve as a wonderful backdrop for the portraits.

Gown And Tuxes

This is the part of planning the wedding where the budget tends to fly out the window. A bride will go in planning on sticking to a set limit, and will then fall in love with a gown that is twice the cost, or more. If you have a family member, like your mom or grandmother, that still has their wedding gown, see about borrowing it for your own wedding. It definitely lends a romantic twist to the whole event, as well as saving you some money. If not, you might want to look into perhaps renting a gown, in much the same way that the guys will rent their tuxes. Depending on the style, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars.

The reception

The larger chapels in the greater Los Angeles area will often have catering packages and dining areas available for you to host your wedding reception in. These packages will vary in price and menus, and can be quite a time and money saver when planning a wedding. Some of the packages are quite fun, and may include things like a sundae bar, candy station, or a cupcake buffet.


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