Pitching your own fun; the rise of the tipi’s popularity

Tipis are on the rise, with no pun intended. Where once a camping field was filled with a range of two-man tents and the odd family sized one, nowadays you’ll see more of these iconic, cone shaped tents. They’ve become a fun staple of the festival field and more people are choosing them as a key part of their holiday or special event. Just what is it that appeals so much to so many?

Under the stars

One benefit of a tipi, of course, is that unlike a traditional small tent, even the ‘small hat’ style tipis let you stand up in them. Therefore, it feels much more of a home than a tiny cave. They may remind us of a simpler way of life, but tipis are also very much part of the ‘glamping’ (or ‘glamorous camping’) movement and comfort is a key part of that. You can hire tipis from companies that will set them up for you and furnish them comfortably, with all kinds of luxury items, from comfy mattresses to little stoves. Alternatively, you can enjoy good old fashioned camping on a groundsheet in these fascinating constructions. Playing under canvas has never been so much fun.

Elegant and fun

Special events, whether personal ones such as weddings or corporate events, need a little wow factor and a great many people are finding that wow factor is a tipi. Even in Britain, outdoor events always feel somehow more special, especially in the warmer months. Not only do you need contingency plans for inclement weather (even in July), however, but you also need a focal point. You need a sense of ‘place’ that people take with them and associate with your event. A tipi is perfect for that. Both iconic and elegant, tipis are just so much more fun than other shaped tents. Appealing to the inner child that loves camping and making forts, it’s sure to create a lasting impression!

Environmentally conscious

One reason that ‘glamping’ has become so popular is that quite a lot of families want to travel and holiday affordably within the British Isles. For some, this is simply to save money or because there are parts of the islands yet to be explored. For others, however, it’s important to cut that carbon footprint. Travelling less distance and cutting down on air travel certainly helps with this, but the tents themselves also contribute. Many are made with responsibly sourced wood, for instance, such as spruce wood that’s slowly grown and replaced. Once you’re on holiday, a tipi makes very little impact on the environment, either. It stays warm in winter, some even having fires set inside them and cool in summer and without the use of fossil fuels. This last point is one of the things that makes tipis for parties so popular, even in the UK, all year round. Cosying up by a fire in the winter, or hosting a cool, light outdoors party in the summer are very different experiences, but both are extremely memorable and surprisingly cost effective, with little heating expense and no air conditioning required.

The tipi is becoming a real trend among all kinds of tent users, from those who love playing in muddy fields to those planning elegant soirees. You can hire a tipi for your family camping trip or multiple ones for parties that all attach to one another, creating an unbeatable atmosphere. Younger family members will love the imagination sparked by staying in a tipi, with its links to Native American cultures and so will adults, too. Whatever use a tipi is put to, it creates a unique atmosphere and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.


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