Key Component of Wedding Planning

Have you found that special someone to spend the rest of your life with? Congratulations are in order! No doubt you’ve begun making lists upon lists planning for the big day. Weddings can be extravagant events with the planning process sometimes all consuming. No doubt you’ve taken advantage of the awesome deals available through Groupon coupons and set up your wedding registry selecting an awesome variety of items from Newegg. One of the key components that all too often get lost in the process of planning for a magical event is planning for the realities of marriage.

What happens after the honeymoon when the bills arrive, the in-laws intervene, job stresses mount, disagreements arise and arguments follow? You will be so thankful, and much healthier in the long run, if you spend half as much time planning your marriage as you’ve devoted to planning you wedding. Take the time to ask these hard questions. One of the most beneficial approaches to marriage discovery and planning is to either spend time with a couple that has been married for several decades or a member of the clergy.  It is not a question of if there will be arguments and disagreements. There will be. The question becomes, how will you respond, how will you handle them and how will you avoid leavings scars? As odd as it sounds, it’s so important to discuss how to have a positive argument. Lay down rules for fair play, learn how not to escalate arguments and learn how to compromise, forgive and forget. These emotions and reactions do not happen naturally. You must be conscious and mindful of your choices.

Continue with your wedding planning but don’t neglect your marriage planning. The shine and glamour of a wedding will fade, but the respect, communication and kindness must endure to ensure a long lasting and harmonious marriage. Best of luck to you and your new spouse!

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