The Importance of a Wedding DJ

Wedding receptions usually fall into two categories: a lively party with guests consistently on the dance floor or an unorganized affair with sparse dancing and no one really knowing what they’re doing. You want the day of your wedding to be memorable, not only for you, but for your guests as well. That’s why a wedding DJ is so important. Here are just a few ways that a professional DJ can make your wedding better.

Quality Sound Equipment

Nothing can dampen the dancing spirit quite like bad sound equipment. While you don’t want the music to be loud enough to deafen your guests, you do want the music to be loud enough to enjoyably dance to without the guests wondering which song it is that’s playing. Clear, quality sound provides the best dancing experience. Although your friend that offered to be DJ may have excellent taste in music, he may not have the right equipment to get the job done. A professional does.

Large Musical Selection

While the musical preferences of the bride and groom should be top priority, it’s important to remember that people of all ages will likely be present at your wedding. You should be able to provide songs that are recognizable for guests age 8 to 80. DJs have large musical selections of thousands of songs, ensuring that you have a few songs for everyone on your guest list.

Master of Ceremonies

Many people think of DJs simply as the people who play the music, but their job entails much more than that. The DJ is actually the Master of Ceremonies for your reception. He or she announces the bride and groom upon entrance to the reception hall, announces the toasts, prepares everyone to watch the cake-cutting ceremony, announces the bridal dance, preps all the ladies in the house for the bouquet toss and much more. In order to do this, a DJ must have a personable yet professional personality and should be able to get your guests in the mood for each of the reception’s festivities.

Get Guests on the Dance Floor

The primary goal of the DJ is to get and keep people on the dance floor. He must be able to seamlessly weave different styles and genres of music together to keep the party going smoothly. This requires playing songs that appeal to everyone, especially the stars of the show, the bride and groom.

Your well-meaning friend who offers to DJ your wedding reception has his heart in the right place, but he may not be prepared or equipped to do the job. If you want to ensure a lighthearted, memorable and fun evening for you and your guests, a professional DJ is the way to go. Keep in mind that the best DJs are booked months and sometimes years in advance, so hire your wedding DJ today. When you see your smiling guests shaking it out on the dance floor, you’ll be glad you went with a professional.

Misty Williams is a wedding planner who recommends that if you are planning your wedding that you hire your wedding DJ today.


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