How to Find the Best Wedding Car for Your Special Day

Planning for a wedding can either be a headache or a breeze, depending on how you deal with it. If you know what to realistically expect from the beginning, planning your wedding doesn’t have to be a headache, especially with the right help and support. But one of the major aspects of any beautiful wedding is the beautiful wedding car – simply put, it can be one of the crowning points of your special day. Arriving at the event in an elegant wedding car nicely festooned with décor is the dream of many a bride, and it’s possible with the right wedding car service. Here’s how to find the best wedding car for your special day.

Consider your practical requirements

Before you get carried away with rows and rows of stylish wedding cars, consider your practical requirements first. One requirement which is sometimes overlooked is the people who will ride in the car – who will be there with the bride when she arrives at the location for the wedding ceremony? Traditionally, the bride rides with whoever will be giving her away, but nowadays, brides can opt to ride with bridesmaids and the maid of honour, or relatives such as sisters and mothers. What matters is to make a proper head count of those who will ride in the vehicle, so you can choose one with a good size or know how many vehicles you will really need.

Another practical consideration would be the distance travelled as well as your budget, and along with this comes your requirements when it comes to comfort. Make sure the car is comfortable enough for your dress – it wouldn’t do to ride in a Mini if your bridal train is 3 metres long, a fact confirmed by premier wedding car services such as

Think about your preference

Choosing the style of your wedding car will depend mostly on what you prefer – and this isn’t such a hard decision. Nowadays, there are plenty of cars to choose from, but if you want to stick to the classic, timeless, and elegant, it’s often a good idea to go for well-established brands such as Mercedes Benz, Bentley, and Rolls Royce.

More on the budget

Many experts would agree that your budget for a wedding car should be around 5 to 10% of your overall wedding expenses, although this would also depend on whether you want to make a real impact with your wedding vehicle and are willing to tighten your belt on other wedding details or components.

The wedding car service

One of the best ways you can find a great wedding car service would be recommendations from family and friends. You can also attend wedding fairs in the local area to see which wedding car services can cater to your needs.

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