How Best to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer for Your Needs

When you are planning your wedding, you will be faced with a lot of major decisions. Amongst your most important decisions will be your overall budget, choice of venue, choice of caterer, guest list, and more. But arguably one of the most important – nay, crucial – decisions you will have to make will be your choice of wedding photographer. The photographer needs to be the perfect one for your requirements. So how do you choose? Here’s how best to choose the perfect wedding photographer for your needs.

Know their work

When you are checking out different photographers, check and assess their work first – even before you contact them. Check their website, which will most likely have a wedding gallery and some featured photos. If you like what you see, then you can proceed with setting up an interview or appointment. It would also be a good idea to learn more about them through their ‘About’ page, as this is where you can gauge their personality and sensibility.

Meet with them

It’s not enough to go with what you see on the website alone. You have to meet with the wedding photographer in order to really see how you can work together. And whilst setting up your meeting and interview, ask the photographer if they can bring complete wedding albums – not just a portfolio, but full photo galleries of weddings they have done in the past. This way, you can have a better idea of how your own complete gallery will look. You may also want to ask the photographer if they can show you full photo galleries of weddings with a similar theme to yours. If you are planning a country wedding, for instance, ask to see galleries of the same setting. If you are planning to have a sunset wedding, check out similar-themed photos as well.

The importance of the bond

Once you meet with your potential wedding photographer, don’t just look at how wonderful their photos are – it’s important to also make sure that you can establish a bond with them. You will, after all, have to work together on your special day. When speaking with your prospective photographer, try to assess their personality. Are they excited about the event, and can they present some ideas in a clear and assertive (but not aggressive) way? Are they discreet with their style, or do you think they will be ‘in the face’ of your guests? It’s important that you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer and that they understand the social niceties associated with taking great photos. A good photographer, such as a wedding photographer Hertfordshire offers like Chuck Grosz, should make you and your guests feel at ease while being both unobtrusive and assertive when necessary.

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