How about Including a Coffee Bar at Your Wedding Reception?

People love coffee, it refreshes, enlivens and tastes really good. It can help you lift the spirits and give you a boost of energy. It is almost always present during meetings and other gatherings, so why not include in weddings as well? Since a coffee bar also adds a sense of sophistication to your event, it sounds like a great idea.


Coffee Bars for Weddings

There are lots of benefits to having a coffee bar at your wedding, but the biggest benefit has to be the uniqueness of it. You can have a booth set up in your venue and have them to serve a range of coffees, including lattes, macchiato, espressos and so on. A good barista will be able to advise you on the best coffees.

So when it the right time for a coffee bar?

  • Early weddings, around lunch time or even breakfast.
  • Late weddings, where people may need a pick-me-up after the ceremony.
  • Wedding parties who want to give guests the opportunity to not drink alcohol.

An added benefit is that it allows you to be really creative with your designs. Some ideas that you can implement include:

  • Have a customized display, so it matches your overall theme. Don’t hesitate at being bold and daring when it comes to your designs. You want it to stand out, because you’re offering a feature that very few will have seen at weddings before.
  • Try new flavors. Speak to your barista beforehand so that you can have something other than the standard cappuccino, espresso and latte. There are some amazing flavors and many people will love trying some new.
  • Opt for coffee art. Good baristas are able to pour coffee in such a way that it leaves a beautiful pattern in the foam.

While the above makes the experience unique, you can take it one step further as well. Why not make it the centerpiece of your wedding celebration? For instance, you could ask people to use a certain hashtag in their pictures (#CoffeeEverAfter for instance), or something else creative that can be implemented in today’s digital society. Other ideas include:

  • Use custom Styrofoam cups for parties, on which the date of the wedding or the name of the happy couple could be printed.
  • Hand out blank cups (or cups in your theme color) to the wedding guests with a pen, so they can decorate their own and turn this into their wedding favor.
  • Make the party favors even more interesting by handing out small bags of coffee beans, perhaps by placing them inside the mug that people have been able to decorate themselves. This is a lovely and unique way of having people not just remember your event, but add a personal touch to it as well. Plus, whenever they have a cup of coffee at home, they will be reminded of the love you share.

Considering coffee’s rich history and beautiful taste, it actually is surprising that wedding coffee bars have not been made popular sooner.

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