Four Ways to Make Sure You Can Dance All Night at Your Wedding

Weddings are beautiful, but many of your most important memories will be of your wedding reception. You’ll celebrate with friends and, hopefully, dance the night away. If dancing is central to your celebration, be sure to take some precautions to make sure you don’t end up sitting on the sidelines with sore feet and blisters.


Choose the Right Shoes

Those 4-inch heels and pointy toes may look fabulous with your wedding dress, but they aren’t made for dancing or hours on your feet as you greet guests. You have two options – either choose a pair of heels that are more comfortable or switch to lower heels or flats for the reception. If you want to wear heels all night, look for a pair with plenty of room for your toes (preferably a rounded or square toe) and a boxy heel that’s no more than 2-inches high. Also, make sure the arch support hits your arch properly to give support without causing pain.


Get Professionally Sized

You used to go to a shoe store and get measured for the correct shoe size, but this is increasingly uncommon. Take the time to find a shoe store that will fit you properly for your wedding shoes. One in three adults is wearing the wrong size shoe, leading to discomfort and possible long-term problems. The right size shoe will prevent blisters and other issues.


Prep Your Shoes

Wear your wedding heels around the house for a few hours each day in the weeks leading up to your wedding. This will stretch them a bit and soften the leather to prevent blisters on your heels. If, after wearing them a few times, you feel a spot that’s consistently digging into your skin, try bending the leather back and forth, then rub a bit of dry soap over the area to cushion the spot.


Treat Foot Problems Early

If you have bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, or other foot issues that have been bothering you, get them treated a few months before the wedding. Even if they are just an annoyance right now, they could become a significant problem in a few months. Talk to a podiatrist or visit to find ways to overcome foot issues now so your feet will be in top dancing form on your wedding day.


If your feet are in optimum condition and you have the right shoes, you’ll be happy dancing the entire night with your new hubby and friends. Congratulations!


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