Fancy Dress Costume Options

There are so many options for fancy dress costume ideas no matter the occasion.  Whether you like to dress as popular figures or create a costume from scratch, there are a plethora of ideas to help you come up with the perfect attire.  All you need are the right articles of clothing, accessories and other props that can be used to create just the effect you hope for in a costume.


Popular Figures 

Figures from popular culture tend to be perennial favourites for any type of party, especially for occasions such as Halloween or other informal get-togethers.  Contemporary figures like Lady Gaga may be popular for those who really like to make an appearance and be a little out of the ordinary.  However, historical figures like Marilyn Monroe also tend to be great for those who first and foremost want to be recognised, and there are many historical costumes to be found in shops such as Elliotts.

Creations for Special Occasions

Sometimes you may want to find a costume that works more for an occasion rather than a look.  For instance, you may want to wear a traditional costume such as Santa Claus or an elf for a Christmas party or you may want to create your own Baby New Year costume.  Of course, there may be other occasions specific to local areas that require fancy dress as well.

Using Accessories and Props 

When creating a fancy dress costume, the actual clothing may be the first point of identity.  However, other accessories and props can also be just as important.  For instance, people who love the Harry Potter series can make distinctions among the wands as well as other accessories such as Hermione’s time turner charm or Luna’s distinctive jewellery.  Original creations may also merit the use of props such as goggles or even plastic swords.


You can also look for the right costumes based on specific categories such as Hen and Stag parties.  There are even costumes for festivals as well as those based on Disney characters.  Of course, superheroes have always remained rather popular. If you want to dress up the children, you can look for costumes made especially for kids.


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