4 Practical Considerations When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Your choice of wedding photographer is largely based on style. You need to like the look of their pictures, and you need to be able to envisage yourself and your fiancé in photos like these. Your choice will depend on whether you love traditional portraits or more modern photojournalism. But there are also some practical considerations you need to take into account when choosing your London photographer. Here are a few of them:

1. Photographer’s Personality

While you may love the look of their work, if the photographer themselves is an arrogant and overbearing person you hate being around, it won’t enhance your experience of the day. The photographer should be a valuable addition to your wedding team, and you need to be able to bond with them on a professional and personal level. If they are fun to be around as well as professional, you are onto a winner. They also need to be able to organise themselves and other people. You don’t want someone who doesn’t take initiative or who fails to get people together to take shots. You need to be able to relax and know that the photographer will take charge of this important aspect of the day.

2. Photographer’s Equipment

You may not have much of an idea about the specific type of photographic equipment your london wedding photographer has, but the main thing is they will be able to handle your photography needs. Photography equipment is expensive and a part time amateur is unlikely to be able to invest in the equipment you need for the best shots, especially if you are getting married in the evening, in winter, or in a dark and shadowy venue in London.

3. An Assistant?

You may or may not want the photographer to work with an assistant. It will obviously increase the budget, but you will be able to get shots from many different angles, and also more shots of the guests as well as you and your fiancé. If your photographer does work with an assistant, ask them exactly what the assistant will be doing on the day.

4. True Costs

Find out a real cost projection for the wedding which will include everything, with no hidden extras, so you know what you are getting for the price. You will no doubt have some kind of budget to work with, so it is important you get someone who can work well within it. And look to see if they also include other shoots like an engagement shoot within the budget, as this can be a good way of keeping costs down by booking both packages together.

Image: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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