3 Tips For Wedding Photography

Summer suitGirls dream about their wedding day from a very young age and, when couples get engaged, they often put a year’s worth of work into planning and organizing the event, together with a frankly disgusting amount of money. However the day itself only lasts for 6 hours or so; the marriage itself lasts a lifetime and so will the wedding photos. Long after the drunken embarrassments of uncles – “I can’t lie to you anymore boy, Frank tell him who is real father is” – and equally drunken and embarrassing speeches by family members you didn’t realize could give speeches for so long, the wedding photos will remind the couple, family and friends about the day and as such it is important to get this element of the planning right. They will be sitting on mantelpieces around many a house for years to come and, as such, here is some advice on the matter.

Timing Is Everything

It is true that people are usually petrified of a zoom lens but it is an accepted part of the wedding day. However, as mentioned above, weddings can be somewhat drunken to say the least, while some people will arrive late and leave early. And for most of the reception this is fine since the photographer will be sneaking around like a lion on the hunt and taking pictures before the herd realizes and scatters. However there will also need to be a planned time when he can take photos of the couple, bridesmaids, selected friends and so forth and these need to be taken in at a time of respectful sobriety. Likewise with the group wedding photo containing all the guests it is important that it is not timed too early or too late and that everyone knows when it is so that as many people as possible can appear in the picture.


You can chose the setting and friends but not the weather of the event and this can have a real bearing on the quality of the photos. Wedding pictures are certainly at their best on a beautiful spring day but, if this is not possible, make sure that there is a space inside where the photographer can set up his equipment to ensure rosy pictures whatever the weather. This needs to be away from any mess and not block access to any areas of the site so that the photographer is able to work properly.


Like everything with the wedding the photographer can be expensive and with the longest lasting consequences. As such it is important to do your research and to find a professional photographer. There will be options ranging from professional wedding photography companies like from wedding photography Norwich to individuals advertising their skills despite being only able to point an iPhone in the right direction and as such it is important to select carefully. A photographer’s skill extends to more than just choosing the right lens and flash setting and a skilled person will also be able to set people at ease and time pictures perfectly so as to capture the guests and lucky couple looking as natural as possible. He will also know to stay away from the wedding punch until after his work is done.

Author Bio

The Author thought himself a skilled photographer as a teenager until experience and research made him realise his work would be better with the lens cap left on. As such he did not volunteer to shoot his sister’s wedding and prefers to instead focus on blogging, something he has been doing for near on 50 moons now. It is after all much easier to criticise than be creative.



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