Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Marking the date of your special day with gifts for one another is a great way to keep the romance alive and show you care. Unfortunately with each passing year, it can be harder and harder to buy for your spouse but plan ahead and you can give them the perfect anniversary surprise. Make big plans for the milestones in favour of annual anniversary gifts and give them memories that will last a lifetime.



Men of all ages hold a special place in their heart for cars, particularly sports cars. An anniversary gift that is sure to go down well is a driving experience gift voucher. Getting behind the wheel of a race car or an Aston Martin will be his boyhood dream come true.


For the sporty outdoors type, you might want to consider booking a tennis court, hockey or football pitch for the day. Alternatively if he’s interested in paintballing or go karting, book a day session to enjoy with his friends. If he prefers quiet hobbies over adrenaline-fuelled sports, feed his passion with thoughtful gifts and experiences such as an antique chess set or a golf club membership.



One of the most fail-safe gifts to surprise your wife with is a spa day. Hours of relaxation and pampering will not go unappreciated and if you invest in 2 spa day passes, she can take a friend and make a girl’s day out of it. For a truly unique anniversary present, why not surprise her by adopting her favourite animal or naming a rose after her. This is unbelievably romantic and the thought will last longer than a store bought bouquet of flowers.



There are many anniversary gifts to suit both parties such as a romantic weekend break or a hot air balloon ride together. Much like naming a flower, dedicating a star in their name can also be a thoughtful and loving gift for the man or woman in your life.

To celebrate an anniversary milestone such as 20, 30 or 50 years, throw a surprise party for your other half. To make it extra special, try creating a theme party with a photo garland of treasured memories and moments together, organise a playlist of all their favourite songs and invite family and some of their oldest friends, just to show you’ve done your homework.


A simple yet beautiful gift that is always appreciated is a classic high quality watch similar to styles in the stunning range by Marc Jacobs at Ernest Jones. From gold-plated strap designs to show-stopping bracelet time pieces, you’re sure to find something they will treasure for many anniversaries to come.

The Importance of a Wedding DJ

Wedding receptions usually fall into two categories: a lively party with guests consistently on the dance floor or an unorganized affair with sparse dancing and no one really knowing what they’re doing. You want the day of your wedding to be memorable, not only for you, but for your guests as well. That’s why a wedding DJ is so important. Here are just a few ways that a professional DJ can make your wedding better.

Quality Sound Equipment

Nothing can dampen the dancing spirit quite like bad sound equipment. While you don’t want the music to be loud enough to deafen your guests, you do want the music to be loud enough to enjoyably dance to without the guests wondering which song it is that’s playing. Clear, quality sound provides the best dancing experience. Although your friend that offered to be DJ may have excellent taste in music, he may not have the right equipment to get the job done. A professional does.

Large Musical Selection

While the musical preferences of the bride and groom should be top priority, it’s important to remember that people of all ages will likely be present at your wedding. You should be able to provide songs that are recognizable for guests age 8 to 80. DJs have large musical selections of thousands of songs, ensuring that you have a few songs for everyone on your guest list.

Master of Ceremonies

Many people think of DJs simply as the people who play the music, but their job entails much more than that. The DJ is actually the Master of Ceremonies for your reception. He or she announces the bride and groom upon entrance to the reception hall, announces the toasts, prepares everyone to watch the cake-cutting ceremony, announces the bridal dance, preps all the ladies in the house for the bouquet toss and much more. In order to do this, a DJ must have a personable yet professional personality and should be able to get your guests in the mood for each of the reception’s festivities.

Get Guests on the Dance Floor

The primary goal of the DJ is to get and keep people on the dance floor. He must be able to seamlessly weave different styles and genres of music together to keep the party going smoothly. This requires playing songs that appeal to everyone, especially the stars of the show, the bride and groom.

Your well-meaning friend who offers to DJ your wedding reception has his heart in the right place, but he may not be prepared or equipped to do the job. If you want to ensure a lighthearted, memorable and fun evening for you and your guests, a professional DJ is the way to go. Keep in mind that the best DJs are booked months and sometimes years in advance, so hire your wedding DJ today. When you see your smiling guests shaking it out on the dance floor, you’ll be glad you went with a professional.

Misty Williams is a wedding planner who recommends that if you are planning your wedding that you hire your wedding DJ today.

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect wedding dress is never easy, but there are ways you can approach the process that will help you find the dress you have always dreamed of. Many young women dream of their wedding dress for years before they have a need to go buy one. This gives us a chance to envision exactly what we want, but then finding a dress that meets that envision can be an overwhelming task for some brides to be. Here are a few things you can do to help you find the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Examine Your Body

The perfect wedding dress for you may look different on someone else. A big part of finding the perfect dress is finding one that complements your body type. For example, if you are petite you will probably want to avoid having a dress that is big in circumference because your body will get lost in the dress. Short women are better off obtaining a wedding dress in silhouette style. Chances are if you are short enough you will want a dress with a natural waist rather than a drop waist, because the drop waist will make you look shorter.

If you are plus size you will want to find a dress that makes your waist look smaller and more defined. A wedding dress that is tight at the top but flares out at the bottom is the ideal choice for any plus sized bride. An A-line wedding dress will also help your waist and your hips look smaller. You will also want to find a dress that is made of light fabric, because it will make you appear slimmer than a dress made of heavy fabric would. Avoiding a dress made with heavy fabric is also preferable if you are getting married during the warmer months of the year.

Consider Your Wedding Style

If you are getting married in a formal church ceremony you will need a very different dress than you would if you were getting married on the beach. While a church wedding might inspire you to choose a wedding dress with a long trail, wearing this type of dress for any outdoor wedding can be a bad idea. You will get the dress dirty and may be more likely to trip over it as well.

Choose The Gown You Want

It may seem obvious, but when you find the right wedding dress for you, you will know it. This is your dress for your special day, so don’t let anyone else talk you into getting a dress that doesn’t excite you and make you feel beautiful. At the end of the day it is your choice and giving in to what others want will cause you remorse later on.

No matter what you are looking for in a wedding dress, Bridal Land is the best place to shop for yours. With a wide variety of dresses to choose from, every bride can find the perfect dress.

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Till Debt do us Part – How to Navigate Newlywed Finances

The honeymoon is over. It’s time to come back down to reality. Money, it’s probably one of the most common dominators of most fights. “You were meant to pay that bill.” “How could you possibly spend that much?” “Did you know this is overdue?” “You’ll just have to go without; there are more important costs that need to be paid at the moment.” This is just a little insight that into what most newlyweds fight about. It can be hard going from fully independent to sharing the duties.

That’s what marriage is all about though, the union of two people. It’s more than just two wedding rings. It’s the combining of all your assets; emotional, character, financial and personality wise.


Paying the Bills

Single vs. married. When you were single you only had to pay your own way. It should be expected that now there are two of you there will be twice the amount of bills or the amount will double. There will be your electricity, gas, car, mobile phone, rent and other utilities.

It’s not uncommon for some newlyweds to feel overwhelmed by the amount of bills coming in, they can feel infinite. This is why it’s so important to share the financial duties. Therefore dates and amounts need to be where anyone can find them. You can no longer simply keep track of your financial statements by having dates in your head. Get organised and quickly. Communication is the key, no surprise there, and to be willing to forgive. You are both new at this so cut each other some slack. You want your partner to feel like they can come to you with anything.

Money, Money, Money

Marriage and money need to go together as money makes the world go round. You’ll need to determine your financial roles, it sounds very official but will insure that you both know what tasks you have to complete. Have a weekly or monthly debrief about finances. It’s your money and you should be up to date with it. To reach any financial goals you have, like buying a house, you’ll both need to know where you stand. Your bank statement will also determine how you spend. You don’t want to go into negative on something that is avoidable. consolidate your debt, if you have one. These are the things that need to be looked after not just bills. Someone should also be in charge of the day-to-day finances, especially if you are meant to be saving. Set little goals to help you stay motivated for long-term expenses like down payments for a house or a long-term holiday.

Pitching your own fun; the rise of the tipi’s popularity

Tipis are on the rise, with no pun intended. Where once a camping field was filled with a range of two-man tents and the odd family sized one, nowadays you’ll see more of these iconic, cone shaped tents. They’ve become a fun staple of the festival field and more people are choosing them as a key part of their holiday or special event. Just what is it that appeals so much to so many?

Under the stars

One benefit of a tipi, of course, is that unlike a traditional small tent, even the ‘small hat’ style tipis let you stand up in them. Therefore, it feels much more of a home than a tiny cave. They may remind us of a simpler way of life, but tipis are also very much part of the ‘glamping’ (or ‘glamorous camping’) movement and comfort is a key part of that. You can hire tipis from companies that will set them up for you and furnish them comfortably, with all kinds of luxury items, from comfy mattresses to little stoves. Alternatively, you can enjoy good old fashioned camping on a groundsheet in these fascinating constructions. Playing under canvas has never been so much fun.

Elegant and fun

Special events, whether personal ones such as weddings or corporate events, need a little wow factor and a great many people are finding that wow factor is a tipi. Even in Britain, outdoor events always feel somehow more special, especially in the warmer months. Not only do you need contingency plans for inclement weather (even in July), however, but you also need a focal point. You need a sense of ‘place’ that people take with them and associate with your event. A tipi is perfect for that. Both iconic and elegant, tipis are just so much more fun than other shaped tents. Appealing to the inner child that loves camping and making forts, it’s sure to create a lasting impression!

Environmentally conscious

One reason that ‘glamping’ has become so popular is that quite a lot of families want to travel and holiday affordably within the British Isles. For some, this is simply to save money or because there are parts of the islands yet to be explored. For others, however, it’s important to cut that carbon footprint. Travelling less distance and cutting down on air travel certainly helps with this, but the tents themselves also contribute. Many are made with responsibly sourced wood, for instance, such as spruce wood that’s slowly grown and replaced. Once you’re on holiday, a tipi makes very little impact on the environment, either. It stays warm in winter, some even having fires set inside them and cool in summer and without the use of fossil fuels. This last point is one of the things that makes tipis for parties so popular, even in the UK, all year round. Cosying up by a fire in the winter, or hosting a cool, light outdoors party in the summer are very different experiences, but both are extremely memorable and surprisingly cost effective, with little heating expense and no air conditioning required.

The tipi is becoming a real trend among all kinds of tent users, from those who love playing in muddy fields to those planning elegant soirees. You can hire a tipi for your family camping trip or multiple ones for parties that all attach to one another, creating an unbeatable atmosphere. Younger family members will love the imagination sparked by staying in a tipi, with its links to Native American cultures and so will adults, too. Whatever use a tipi is put to, it creates a unique atmosphere and is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Top Fashion Trends for Autumn 2013

Fashion is an important aspect of life in modern times. It plays an important role in everybody’s life. You need not be a fashion designer or a high profile to be interested in fashion. Having a good dressing sense and an interest towards looking good and trendy is good enough fashion sense. Fashion is something that changes due to various factors. It is a good idea to keep in touch with the latest fashion trends. We focus on autumn 2013 fashion trends.

Fashion and clothing style are dependent on weather. During autumn, the customary practice has been to wear dark colors. For fall 2013, you could also experiment with lighter colors like gray. Full length body apparels seem to be more popular for the season. Wearing hoods, scarves and even hats could give you the look for the fall of 2013. Dark Sunglasses may suit women with preference to look serious and cool. Women wearing skirts should ensure that they wear long boots with stockings. This is an alternative to the usual full length dresses. The choice of a full length dress or a skirt is up to the woman. Different accessories may bring in more charm. Apart from the dressing aspects, intricate details like makeup are an important aspect of looking good. Wearing dark eye-lashes is an expected trend for autumn 2013.

Top dresses also include loose sweater, skirt and long leather boots. Women can also be expected to be seen in a wide variety of suits. This may range from conventional suit to designer suit with scarves and ties. Other popular accessories for autumn 2013 include high quality short leather jackets, black shoes, black or silver handbags and high end scarves. Women with the right looks may not hesitate to wear leather skirts, sweat shirt and long overcoats. Apart from dark colors, popular colors for the season include gray, silver, purple and orange. Full length leather garments may also be a style statement made by few ladies. Wearing caps and hats is very popular for the season. Women may also wear cool looking fur neck warmer to keep themselves warm.

Women may also wear dresses with spots and special prints. It is a good idea to experiment with these. These clothes are usually suited for tall women. Women of short stature should stick to black and other dark colors. Wearing heeled shoes can help women make up for the physical height. Women can try out different combinations of dresses, hats, sunglasses, scarves etc and select accessories that suit their body type and personality. It is important to dress according to acceptable norms and trends. It is recommended to follow fashion blogs and check out the latest happenings in the fashion industry. There are various places from which they can familiarize with autumn 2013 fashion trends.
Whatever be the selection of clothes, it is very important to feel comfortable in the clothes. Women should give due importance to color, texture and the type of dress. They should be updated with latest trends. It may not be a wise idea to wear something extremely different. Seasoned women can experiment and try out new combinations. They can innovate based on their experiments and contribute to the fashion industry.

ladies leather boots go with all kinds of outfits, presenting you a grand look.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

So you just got back from your distant cousin’s wedding, and it was such a beautiful and amazing experience which gave you lots of inspiration and ideas for your own upcoming nuptials. Since the wedding is less than 6 months away, why not start planning now? But wait – should you hire a wedding planner?

A lot of people think that getting someone to plan your wedding would only add to the expenses that are already a given in any marriage ceremony. If you’re on a limited budget, hiring a wedding planner may be something that you haven’t even considered. The usual line of thinking would go something like, “I can use the money I pay for a wedding planner on something else.”

But are wedding planners really a bad idea?

Here are some reasons why hiring the services of a wedding planner may be the best decision after all:

1. They know the ins and outs of wedding planning.

Considering that this is what they do for a living, wedding planners know what they’re doing. This most definitely comes in handy when you’re planning to have a destination wedding and are not at all familiar with the area you’ve chosen as your venue. They’ll be able to get things set up for you much quicker, cutting down the time you would have spent looking for the stuff that you need.

 2. They are organized.

A good wedding planner knows that the key to a successful event is in the organization. Not only does this make things easier, it also means that they have everything covered. With all the stuff you have to think of, it’s easy to forget some important tasks that need to be accomplished. Don’t worry – they take care of the details that you may have overlooked.

3. They have networking going for them.

This especially holds true to those who have been in the business for a while. This is the part that actually gives you more for your money since they are able to get discounts that you would otherwise not be able to get a hold of had you decided to plan the ceremony yourself. They have the connections you need, such as wedding bands for wedding music, or venue packages. In the long run, you may actually be saving more by hiring their services rather than doing everything on your own.

4. They provide options.

A wedding planner works around the budget you have set, and compromises with you on things that are just not possible. They can provide options that you would not have even thought about with all the things you had to look into. This is especially helpful if you have a busy lifestyle, or just doesn’t have enough energy to exert into making all these decisions leading up to the big day.

5. They leave you free to enjoy your big day as it should be enjoyed.

The best thing about having a wedding planner is that you can be free of the stress that comes with all the preparations. Knowing that there is someone you can trust to ensure that things flow perfectly will make the transition from miss to missus run more smoothly. This leaves you free to thoroughly enjoy your wedding day and be the radiant and happy bride, rather than a burned out version that gets distracted by thoughts of how the something might go wrong at any time.

A wedding planner may be an expensive number on the checklist, or it may be the lifesaver that you have been waiting for. Overall, the idea is to get that wedding that you have always dreamed of, and it’s good to know that there are people who can help you in achieving that, be it a professional wedding planner or your own mother.

Tara Bernal writes for Music For Scotland, a music agency that features some of the best wedding bands in Scotland such as the Porkpie Function Band.

Top 5 Ideas for Theme Wedding


Wedding must be planned adequately for it to come out unique and special. This necessitates one to do the wedding uniquely and differently. Below are the top five wedding themes of all times.

1. Oscar’s night theme
Oscar night theme is one of the loveliest and preferred wedding themes. It gets your guests dressed up for the great accession. It features a black tie’s evening elegance and your guests become involved to present the ‘Oscars” and this makes feel part of your success. Oscar’s theme is usually a nice opportunity to have fun and it involves different categories of mother and father in laws. Oscar’s night is completed with the unique marriage flavors of silver photo frames and the mini champagne bottles.

2. Casino or Vegas night theme
The casino wedding theme surpasses all as it’s very vibrant and energy full. It is completed by the back drop lighting. In preparations it’s recommended to rent the casino’s royal films for you to get a complete idea of the setting. Vega’s night has wonderful wedding flavors that comprise of playing chips, personalized playing cards, bottle stoppers and luggage tags. It has endless onside ideas that you can choose to help you come up with the desired wedding theme.

3. Beach wedding theme
A beach wedding gives you a rare and stunning experience. It has the most natural yet so beautiful theme especially if it’s conducted on sunny evenings with chairs and table out. One has also unique choices of tea lights and lanterns that are reflected well by your dressing tables themes. The theme itself suggests a beach party with barbeques and roast pigs, cocktails and bongos on a spit. The famous limbo fires crowns it all. You can use beach music and lighting to create the beach wedding theme indoors. Its unique favors comprise of mini bongos, fruit shaped soaps, candles and bamboo coasters.

4. Sports wedding theme
One can in co-operate sports to be the main wedding theme irrespective of which sports either the groom or the bride find them passionate. The wedding favors must uniquely represent sports e.g. if you decide to use the golfing sport as your theme, you will have to decorate the wedding either items from golf sporting fields. The wedding favors can include personalized golf trees, balls, caps and flags.

5. Asian wedding theme
Asian’s are known of having some of the most unique yet colorful and exotic wedding themes. They actually in co-operate lavish textures and colors for table dressings as well as backdrops spoiling you for choices. The Asian wedding theme comes with fragrant and exotic flowers that actually create arches in your wedding considering the stunning magical music and colorful dresses. As part of the theme, it has unique wedding favors that include exotic charms, candles, soaps, tea light holders and tiny photo holders.

At the end of it all you can crown the day by going to watch Mamma Mia Musicals. Hoping with this information, your wedding theme selection will be quite easy to choose and you can be visiting the theatre as you make initial wedding arrangements as this breath taking moment of your life approaches.

Top Tips for Making Your Wedding Day Even More Special

Wedding LocationsEverybody knows that your wedding day is one of the best and most memorable of your life and unless you are unfortunate you should only ever have one. With all of this in mind it is vital that you make the most of your big day and make it as special as you possibly can. With all of the stress and strain that can come from planning a wedding it can be easy to forget that you are supposed to enjoy the day and make memories that will last you forever, but if you can follow some of these tips and guidelines then you should be able to have the kind of treasured memories that you have always dreamt of.

Don’t Let Setbacks Get you Down

No one in history has ever planned a wedding without something going awry somewhere along the line, so don’t get too taken aback when something does go wrong. What it is important to keep in mind is that even what seems to be the biggest disaster can be averted or dealt with more easily if you stay calm and upbeat. When it does come to dealing with problems and issues it is also important to lean on your fiancé, family and friends for their support as this is sure to make things seem a lot easier along the way.

Don’t Skimp on your Special Day

It may seem a little irresponsible in the current economic climate but your wedding day should be one of the few occasions where you push the boat out and don’t settle for anything but the best. This is particularly true when it comes to things like venue, catering and photographer or videographers, as these are the extra touches that can make a real difference but are also the areas where you really do get what you pay for.

Think Outside the Box

It is your day and your day alone, so don’t be afraid to be a little unconventional and make your wedding truly personal with some quirky and individual touches. This might mean holding the ceremony or reception at a slightly unusual venue that means a lot to you, arranging and practicing a novelty first dance or something as simple as writing your own personal vows rather than going for something formulaic. However you choose to do it, making your special day truly personal and unique is a great way to make sure that everyone will remember it forever.

Do Something Nice for the Wedding Party

It is always nice for the happy couple to show their appreciation to their wedding party at the reception for all their hard work and simply for being there to support you and celebrate with you on your big day. The best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids and groomsmen would be delighted with some keepsake presents like engraved cufflinks, tankards or personalised jewellery simply because they show that you appreciate what they have done for you and give them something to remember the day by.

Author Bio

The Author has been writing as a passion for much of his adult life, and as a profession for around the last twelve months. He currently specialises in producing short articles and blog posts, many of which have appeared on various different blogs and websites in the past year.

3 Tips For Wedding Photography

Summer suitGirls dream about their wedding day from a very young age and, when couples get engaged, they often put a year’s worth of work into planning and organizing the event, together with a frankly disgusting amount of money. However the day itself only lasts for 6 hours or so; the marriage itself lasts a lifetime and so will the wedding photos. Long after the drunken embarrassments of uncles – “I can’t lie to you anymore boy, Frank tell him who is real father is” – and equally drunken and embarrassing speeches by family members you didn’t realize could give speeches for so long, the wedding photos will remind the couple, family and friends about the day and as such it is important to get this element of the planning right. They will be sitting on mantelpieces around many a house for years to come and, as such, here is some advice on the matter.

Timing Is Everything

It is true that people are usually petrified of a zoom lens but it is an accepted part of the wedding day. However, as mentioned above, weddings can be somewhat drunken to say the least, while some people will arrive late and leave early. And for most of the reception this is fine since the photographer will be sneaking around like a lion on the hunt and taking pictures before the herd realizes and scatters. However there will also need to be a planned time when he can take photos of the couple, bridesmaids, selected friends and so forth and these need to be taken in at a time of respectful sobriety. Likewise with the group wedding photo containing all the guests it is important that it is not timed too early or too late and that everyone knows when it is so that as many people as possible can appear in the picture.


You can chose the setting and friends but not the weather of the event and this can have a real bearing on the quality of the photos. Wedding pictures are certainly at their best on a beautiful spring day but, if this is not possible, make sure that there is a space inside where the photographer can set up his equipment to ensure rosy pictures whatever the weather. This needs to be away from any mess and not block access to any areas of the site so that the photographer is able to work properly.


Like everything with the wedding the photographer can be expensive and with the longest lasting consequences. As such it is important to do your research and to find a professional photographer. There will be options ranging from professional wedding photography companies like from wedding photography Norwich to individuals advertising their skills despite being only able to point an iPhone in the right direction and as such it is important to select carefully. A photographer’s skill extends to more than just choosing the right lens and flash setting and a skilled person will also be able to set people at ease and time pictures perfectly so as to capture the guests and lucky couple looking as natural as possible. He will also know to stay away from the wedding punch until after his work is done.

Author Bio

The Author thought himself a skilled photographer as a teenager until experience and research made him realise his work would be better with the lens cap left on. As such he did not volunteer to shoot his sister’s wedding and prefers to instead focus on blogging, something he has been doing for near on 50 moons now. It is after all much easier to criticise than be creative.